BioSeed 2020 Showcasing Companies
ADCendo ApS

ADCendo ApS is a biotech company dedicated to developing new types of anti-cancer drugs focussing on antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) directed at novel targets, that have been found to be overexpressed by several cancer forms, that are all characterized by a significant unmet need for novel treatment.
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Applied Biotech

Applied Biotech helps healthcare providers to offer better quality cancer care to more patients. 
They offer the latest cancer screening and diagnostic tests that give standardised results saving time and money. Their accurate, sensitive, robust and versatile tests cost less and provide faster digital results for a range of cancer types. 
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Arete Medical Technologies

Hardware and software for precision, personalised, and preventative management of chronic diseases.

Decreasing sensor costs, artificial intelligence, and biomechanical modelling are used to improve patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency, starting with chronic respiratory conditions.
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BiVictriX Therapeutics
Through direct experience in the NHS and with a leading Antibody Drug Conjugate ("ADC") sector specialist, the BiVictriX team has developed the Bi-Cygni technology. Bi-Cygni therapeutics target a novel cancer-restricted cell-surface fingerprint, which is absent from healthy cells. Enabling the development of anti-cancer drugs with a marked increase in tumour selectivity, together with improved potency.
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Bioarchitech is an Oxford based biotech company developing immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer engineering antibodies and other proteins then encode them within the genome of an oncoloytic virus. Cancer cells infected by our oncolytic virus release these potent immunotherapy molecules into the surrounding tumour microenvironment where they orchestrate the destruction of tumour cells by the patient’s own immune system.
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CanSense is developing a fast, inexpensive and scalable test for the early diagnosis of bowel cancer using artificial intelligence-based modelling (AI).  The test is a potential game changer in the approach to bowel cancer diagnosis and screening.  It is focused on patient acceptability and reduced mortality via early stage diagnosis. It has the additional benefit of reducing the demands on more invasive colonoscopy diagnosis and reducing the financial burden on the healthcare provider.
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Carocell Bio
Carocell Bio is developing novel medicines that have the potential to provide safer and more effective approaches to the management of serious inflammatory diseases, including atopic dermatitis, inflammatory bowel disease and burns.

Research is focused on reducing over-activation of the intracellular inflammatory cascade. By therapeutically engaging with this process, it is possible to reduce the release of inflammatory cytokines and other inflammatory molecules and so ease inflammation.
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Causeway Sensors
Causeway Sensors uses nanotechnology to provide better candidate selection during drug development. The company spun-out after years of high-impact research at Queen's University Belfast. Our unique nanochip platform brings real-time, label-free kinetic analysis to areas of biotherapeutic production where such data cannot currently be collected. More data at critical points of production helps pharma companies ensure that only the best drug candidates progress to clinical trials. The platform can be incorporated into a multitude of form factors, ranging from a high-throughput screening instrument to an in-line cell culture monitoring tool.
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Cellesce has invented and patented a unique bioprocess for the expansion of human-derived, cancer organoids for applications in cancer drug discovery. Organoids are three-dimensional, multi-cellular clusters, derived from patient cancer biopsy tissue. They are propagated and amplified in the laboratory and fully recapitulate all of the different cell types and underlying pathology of the original tissues. They are, in effect, mini-tumours. Previously, organoids could only be grown and expanded manually. This is a technically challenging, time-consuming and labour-intensive process resulting in small numbers of inconsistently-sized organoids, limiting their suitability for use in high throughput screening and widespread commercial use.
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The mission of CircaGene is to provide world-class BioInformatics Services to protect and improve Public Health both at population and individual levels.

CircaGene deliver hyper-personalised genetic analysis to each individual to give accurate and scientific validated information so the user can prevent and proactively manage their health making decisions. This can not only might change their life, and lifestyle but also, in some cases, even to save their life!
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Cirqle Biomedical
Circle Devices develops a next generation contraceptive product. They aim to create natural, desirable and safe alternative to existing contraceptive products. 
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C-Major Medical
C-Major Medical has developed and patented a core technology, CHoRDTM, which will be at the centre of the world’s safest syringes (pre and operator-filled), and blood-collection systems. This technology has been developed to reduce NSI’s and contaminating aerosols.
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Cumulus Oncology
Cumulus is the first oncology drug development accelerator in Europe. It develops new oncology treatments that target the unmet medical needs of specific cancer patient populations.

Founded by a team with in-depth oncology expertise and proven commercial success, Cumulus brings a powerful, innovative 'hub and spoke' approach to the European market for the first time. After a rigorous two-year long asset search, focusing on key molecular vulnerabilities and  scientific credentials, Cumulus has curated and created a number of oncology biotech spin-out companies, with other opportunities under review.
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Chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis are common, incurable and disabling. Curapel is developing a portfolio of novel, safe and patent-protected technologies that address an enormous unmet clinical need in these conditions. Since spinning out of the University of Manchester in 2014, Curapel has raised over £2.4 million in grant and equity investment and is utilising its core expertise to bring successive products to the market, protected by an expanding portfolio of granted patents covering skin healthcare and transdermal delivery technologies.
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Demuris is focused on the discovery of new antibiotics that will combat the threat from emerging diseases and the rise of antibiotic resistance. A portfolio of innovative assays is being used to screen for inhibitors that act differently from existing antibiotics. Demuris also provides the opportunity to discover and develop small molecule inhibitors against a range of interesting drug targets, together with the medicinal chemistry expertise needed to add value by making the initial inhibitors more drug-like. The overall output of the Demuris discovery engine will cover a strong intellectual property portfolio for out-licensing to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
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Directed Systems
Directed Systems has an active research and development programme, based on a philosophy of human-centered product design. They focus on the development of advanced software technology products to support patients and clinicians and are at the forefront of physiological modelling, control and machine learning theory, predictive analytics and software development.

Directed Systems have a connectivity platform that allows them to interoperate with other devices and systems. This allows them to optimise the information contained in the rich and currently untapped data streams of bedside monitors, treatment machines and other systems.
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Emenda Therapeutics
Emenda Therapeutics is a state of the art bio-technology splicing company having gained expertise through its Founders in the burgeoning area of control of cell/tissue phenotype via manipulation of mRNA splicing through small molecule administration. Since deranged mRNA splicing is a cardinal feature of many disease phenotypes, Emenda is able to offer a wide-spectrum of disease targets using a common strategy – inhibition of paradigm specific splicing kinases which mediate physiology, cell biology, immune function, cell proliferation and differentiation, ultra-structure, survival, cyto-protection, and microvessel growth & permeability in multiple disease states. 
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GLIALIGN LIMITED is a new tissue engineering/ regenerative medicine company based in University College London School of Pharmacy, Brunswick Square, London WC1N 1AX. The Company's focus is on novel cells/materials constructs for neural tissue repair. Glialign is funded by the UCL Tech Fund, UK Innovation and Science Seed Fund and Innovate UK
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Glyconics is an innovative diagnostics company which is using a novel point of care approach to the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases. Glyconics uses Infrared Spectroscopy to analyse a wide range of acute and chronic conditions to identify specific biomarkers.
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InProTher ApS
InProTher is an immunotherapy company dedicated to developing the world’s first adaptive immune therapy capable of targeting immunosuppressive genes of ancient retroviruses that normally are dormant in the human genome. The retroviral genes are reactivated in cancer and essential for tumor development. InProTher’s proprietary combination of novel technologies is designed to break tolerance to this unique antigen family, thus providing broad anti-cancer efficacy.
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InoCardia is an organisation dedicated to bringing superior, predictive cardiac contractility to early drug discovery. 

By manipulating pre- and after-load, and by directly measuring microscopic changes in the force of contraction, we provide a unique suite of cardiac contractility data from the same myocyte - including the Work Loop model.
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Invizius is a spin-out based on world-class research carried out at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, developing solutions to improve the treatment and prognosis for dialysis patients.

Despite significant improvements in the quality and efficacy of hemodialysis therapy in recent years, cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the leading cause of death for dialysis patients. Today, almost half of all dialysis patients die from cardiovascular complications. With its proprietary H-Guard™ technology, Invizius is addressing the side effects of hemodialysis to help patients feel better, and suffer fewer cardiovascular complications.
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Kinomica is a proteomic-data science and diagnostics company specialising in cell signalling. We offer KScanTM, a powerful suite of advanced proprietary bioinformatics and phosphoproteomics analytical methods that can provide direct activity measurements of multiple endogenous kinases and comprehensive cell signalling network coverage. 

Kinomica’s approach to measuring the phosphorylation signature of proteins, rather than using gene expression, provides a direct snapshot of protein and cell-signalling activity. We have preclinical proof-of-concept data to demonstrate that our game-changing biomarkers predict drug response more accurately than current state-of-the-art gene sequencing.
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Metrion Biosciences
Metrion Biosciences was formed in September 2015, following a management buyout of Xention Limited’s contract research business.  The Metrion team has substantial experience of providing high quality drug discovery services for ion channel targets to clients on a fee-for-service or collaboration basis. Metrion is also a leading provider of cardiac safety profiling, cardiac translational assays and neuronal translational assays.
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Mint Diagnostics
Founded in 2016 in the tech cluster of Cambridge (UK) and now based at Kent Science Park, Mint Diagnostics is re-defining how hormone data can be collected and used to improve Human Performance. Combining our proprietary salivary biosensing technology with measurement protocols and data interpretation, we enable a precise and individualised approach to health and wellness management within a variety of contexts, from elite sports to female healthcare.
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Monument Therapeutics
Monument Tx is an independent UK based biotechnology company formed in 2019 as a spin-out from Cambridge Cognition.

Monument Tx develops products to treat serious diseases of the central nervous system. Our precision medicine approach utilises proprietary digital biomarkers to reduce heterogeneity and identify patients with homogenous underlying neurobiology, which are then matched with appropriately targeted compounds.
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Nanomerics uses its world-leading pharmaceutical nanotechnology to develop new medicines faster, cheaper, and with dramatically reduced risk. 

Nanomerics proprietary technology boosts the activity of hydrophobic drugs and peptides by getting them where they need to be. This allows the creation of new medicines based on known drug compounds that now can be given in new ways and for new indications.
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Novai (Formally Illustratum)
Novai is a British biotechnology start-up, commercialising DARC Technology, an exploratory retinal biomarker for use in Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) & glaucoma clinical studies. DARC combines an innovative patented biologic with a state-of-the-art AI algorithm and uses standard imaging equipment to identify cellular level disease activity.
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OVO Biomanufacturing
OVO Biomanufacturing are the world leading experts in providing technical solutions to solve the effects of defective interfering particles for viral vaccine manufacturers.  

OVO's novel technology platform offers multi-fold yield improvements by reducing the generation and effect of these particles during all stages of vaccine manufacture. OVO's platform can be used to manage defective interfering particles for both established and developing live attenuated and inactivated viral vaccines. The platform can be implemented without significantly altering production processes or regulatory compliance. 
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Oxford Immune Algorithmics
Oxford Immune Algorithmics is a biotech company incubated by the University of Oxford that develops Algocyte, a platform that applies AI and Machine Learning to harness the transformative potential of regular health and personalised immune monitoring.
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PANCRYOS is a spin-out arising from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Biology (DanStem) at the University of Copenhagen. The company is aiming to develop a next generation stem cell derived allogeneic cell therapy (PanINSULA™) for type 1 diabetes. Based on novel IP, PANCRYOS will – for the first time – enable the definitive safety and large scale manufacturing of insulin cells for therapeutic use. PANCRYOS is in the pre-clinical stage of development and is addressing cost effective scalability and manufacturing of the cell therapy early on to ensure successful commercialization.
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Pertinax  Pharma
Pertinax Pharma are a medical device company based in Bristol, UK making innovative antimicrobial technologies for use in medical devices.

Their patented materials can be incorporated into a wide range of medical device material substrates, including polymers and coatings. The technology works by gradually and steadily releasing chlorhexidine, a well known antiseptic material, thus protecting against infection. A key aspect of the technology offering is that it is antibiotic-free, meaning that it does not contribute to the growth of antibiotic resistance.
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pHion Therapeutics
pHion Therapeutics was founded in 2017 based on technology developed in the School of Pharmacy at Queen’s University Belfast U.K. pHion Therapeutics is composed of a diverse and experienced team that strives to pioneer Therapeutic VaccineS and to improve the landscape of  AAV manufacture.

pHion has created a simple & self-assembling drug delivery system that is easy to use, cost effective and maximises nucleic acid bioavailability.
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Protein Logic
ProteinLogic has developed ImmiPrint®, a novel diagnostic technology platform, based on the detection of non-obvious diagnostic patterns in soluble immune proteins in the blood and other body fluids through machine learning. These patterns form unique signatures of disease presence, stage, and potential response to treatment.

The ImmiPrint® technology has now been validated clinically with the development of a signature in blood for the ruling out of Active Tuberculosis (TB), meeting the stringent criteria of the WHO for such a diagnostic test. Along with HIV/AIDS, TB is the most significant infectious disease worldwide. Early and accurate diagnosis of Active TB disease is essential for its control.
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Reflection Therapeutics
Reflection Therapeutics are developing cell and gene therapies to tackle ALS and other devastating neurodegenerative diseases.
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reMASTer Therapeutics
reMASTer Therapeutics is a newly formed virtual company that will identify novel synergistic interactions between drugs that can be developed into fixed dose combinations (FDCs) to treat the high unmet need in the rare disease Systemic Mastocytosis (SM).

reMASTer Therapeutics work extensively with hand-picked CROs that provide additional services required to achieve our objectives. They have built an extensive ecosystem within which they function, that includes charities, physicians, AI/ML, BioStatistics, IP, MAST cell biology, bioinformatics and business management.
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Serengen GmbH
SERENGEN has been established in June 2019 with a novel DNA-encoded library technology, which was developed at the TU Dortmund University, Germany. The platform represents a step-change in the synthesis of DNA-encoded libraries. For the first time, a broad range of modern organic synthesis methods can be applied in the presence of DNA to construct drug-like scaffolds in a combinatorial approach. Hence, we will deliver truly drug-like hits that are amenable to modern medicinal chemistry accelerating chemical lead generation and optimization. 
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SomaNautix is a spin out of the Battaglia Research group, University College, London. Professor Battaglia has been fascinated over many years by the powerful capability of viruses to penetrate cells. Applying some of the structural features of viruses to polymer constructs has resulted in the highly versatile, molecular engineered polyNaut technology for therapeutic rather than pathogenic purposes.
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Founded in 2018 as a spinout from the University of Oxford, by co-founders Alex Greenhalgh, Martin Frydrych and Fritz Vollrath, Spintex has consistently been pushing the boundaries of our bioinspired spinning and silk materials to provide much needed solution in sustainable and technical textiles.
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Synklino strives to provide rapid relief as well as to improve long-term survival for transplant recipients by providing fast and safe eradication of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections. For transplant recipients, CMV disease causes suboptimal transplantation outcome, increased morbidity, prolonged hospitalization and increased mortality.

Our drug candidate SYN002 efficiently eliminates both lytic as well as latently infected cells, and thereby potently inhibits viral replication and eradicates the virus - simply taking CMV out of the equation for the transplant recipient.
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TeloNostiX is a Cardiff University in vitro diagnostics company founded in 2017. TeloNostiX was born out of a long-term clinical/laboratory collaboration between the three founders. Together they were able to demonstrate the critical role that telomeres play in the development and progression of cancer and in defining individual patient responses to anti-cancer therapies. Most recently, the company has shown the impact of telomere length in determining the 'fitness' and 'stamina' of cell-based therapies directed against cancer cells. 
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UroPharma is a MedTech company that is focused on commercializing innovative drug-delivery combinations in the field of direct-to-bladder (dtb) therapies to treat a broad range of urological and urogynecological diseases and disorders.​
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A leader in the restoration of tissue function, Videregen is a clinical stage company with an initial focus on airway diseases. It is using its proprietary tissue processing technology to develop high quality standardised tissue restoration products intended for market in countries across the world.

The technology has potential across multiple disease areas. It is being leveraged to develop a broad portfolio of products in areas of unmet medical need, targeting markets totalling more than $2bn.
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Vitamica was established in early 2018 as a spin-out company from the University of Bristol.  Taking optical technology from the School of Physics, the new company is beginning its journey towards commercialisation of a rapid and novel diagnostic method that has high potential for use in antimicrobial susceptibility testing.  With a growing IP portfolio and an active approach to identifying opportunities in healthcare, veterinary and pharma sectors, Vitamica fully intends to make its mark as another successful company to originate from the University of Bristol.
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